About Me


As a coach and facilitator who is passionate about supporting others on their journey, I help you connect with your heart and what matters most in your life.

I believe that in each of us there is a longing to grow and evolve and fulfill our potential, along with a softness, strength and openness that help us navigate our journey.

Why Connection?

As humans, we are wired to connect, we long for it, and we also dread the very thing we long for.

I specialize in co-creating authentic connection, and thereby bringing about the sustained and sustainable changes we seek in our lives.

My Background

I am a long-term devoted student and practitioner of eastern meditative and contemplative traditions and have been trained to facilitate individual & group meditation programs online and in person.

What I have learned from my studies and practice, about myself, others, and the world, informs everything that I do, every breath that I take.

I have pursued training related to:

  • Attachment Theory; Leadership and Somatic Coaching; Neuroscience in Mind Body Therapy; and Trauma First Aid through Embodied Philosophy
  • Body of Leadership and Body of Coaching through The Embodied Facilitator
  • IFS-Inspired Coaching through IFS Institute
  • Somatic IFS through The Embody Lab (with Fran Booth, IFS trainer)
  • Conversations That Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change through Case Western Reserve University
  • Developmental Coaching, Becoming a Transformative Presence, Embodied Transformation and the Neuroscience of Change through Coaches Rising.

I have an Applied Mindfulness Meditation certificate from the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work and am a Level 2 Transformative Mindfulness Methods practitioner.

I also hold a certificate in Addiction Studies from Centennial College.

I am an Affiliate of the Institute of Coaching.